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The mission of The Florida Chapter of the Wildlife Society is to serve and represent wildlife professionals in promoting wildlife conservation, biodiversity, and resource stewardship.

Chapter News
TWS Action Alert: Help Reduce the Threat of Invasive Species

FLTWS members, Please take a moment to read the following message from national TWS regarding invasive species. There is a letter you can send on-line if you choose.

The University of Florida Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society has elected new officers for the 2014-2015 school year.  Congratulations to the following newly elected officers:

  • President: Erica Christiansen
  • Vice Presidents: Elizabeth Sanchez, Ty Cramer
  • Secretary: Jeanelle Brisbane
  • Treasurer: Jessie Bergau
  • Historian: Bryan Pepper
  • Environmental Education Coordinators: Sean McKnight, Jaclyn Selden
  • Conclave Coordinators: Rachel Sally, Maurice Greenwood
  • Webmaster/Editor: Jordanne Laurito
  • Sophomore Representative: Katie Wucker
  • FLTWS Representative: Lauren Diaz

Dear Florida Chapter Members,

Please read the this letter from our Society to two Florida senators co-sponsoring the Florida’s Springs and Aquifer Protection Act (SB 1576). If you agree that this is an important conservation initiative, please take a moment to email your Senator (as a private citizen) and ask that a strong, meaningful bill be passed. 

Thank you,

Becky Bolt

FLTWS Conservation Chairperson

Species Spotlight

Grasshopper sparrows (Ammodramus savannarum) are small, short-tailed birds with a white median stripe at the top of a flattened head. Twelve subspecies of the grasshopper sparrow occur in grasslands throughout North America, Central America and the West Indies. Only one subspecies, the Florida grasshopper sparrow (A. s. floridanus) breeds in Florida. Another subspecies, the Eastern grasshopper sparrow (A. s. pratensis) can also be found across the state in the winter months. During the breeding season, Florida grasshopper sparrows are isolated from the eastern subspecies in Georgia by more than 300 miles. Please visit the Florida Birding Trail website for tips on where to see Florida grasshopper sparrows.

Conservation and Wildlife News
Florida's water set to become big issue of 2015

Audubon Florida has a detailed synopsis of the 2014 Florida legislative session with regards to wildlife and conservation issues. 

Some highlights:

"From the beginning of session and all throughout, we heard that next year will be the year for water policy issues as the incoming leadership prefers to address those important topics at the 2015 Session. "

"The 2014 Legislative Session brought out many new supporters as Senators and Representatives alike began to understand the need to address some of the state’s critical water quality problems.

Meeting today at the Florida Public Safety Institute near Tallahassee, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) recognized wildlife scientist Joan Berish with the 2013 Louise Ireland Humphrey Achievement Award.

Berish, who has worked for the FWC more than 33 years and lives in Gainesville, has been at the forefront of work involving conserving and managing gopher tortoises, a listed species in Florida. Berish’s work has benefited not only gopher tortoises but also a host of other species that live in and are dependent on active gopher tortoise burrows to survive.

Conservation and Wildlife News